Water quality

Water quality in rivers and other surface water bodies are threatened by human activity, such as operation and regulation systems in rivers, land use, physical changes in the watershed area, water pollution from point and diffuse sources and the impact of recreational and leisure activities.

Based on a hydrodynamic MIKE 11 model, simulations can be expanded to study variations in temperature, advection-dispersion processes of solutes, and transformation of pollutants through the river system, providing unique capabilities for modeling and analysis of environmental conditions in rivers, canals and reservoirs. Discover ECO lab to study the problems related to water quality.

ECO Lab is a tool for ecological modeling, based on a stable and powerful system for solving differential equations. The processes are described using "Open" and predefined templates, which include standard formulations for tested water quality models. These templates can be optimised for adaptation to local water quality processes of by the user.

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Torben Strange Jensen