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Selected examples - Waves
Below you will find some examples on wave applications based on MIKE by DHI software. You may read more about the applications by clicking on the photos or the embedded links.

Selected application examples
City of Los Angeles to use tsunami hazard maps Los Angeles, USA
An investigation of the potential tsunami hazard for the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles identified areas of extreme high water levels, and was used by the Ports to address design guidelines and to produce inundation maps for the City of Los Angeles Department of Emergency Preparedness. Want to read more? Click here.
Orkney Islands Orkney Islands, Scotland
The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) has decided to use DHI’s MIKE modelling technologies for studying water levels, currents and waves in the often rather harsh environment at EMEC’s test sites in the Orkney Islands located NW of Scotland, UK. EMEC is a test centre created to promote the development of the wave and tidal stream energy conversion industries in the UK and wider. Want to read more? Click here.
Thyborøn Harbour Thyborøn, Denmark
In the recent years increasingly larger waves have been observed  in the approach channel as well as damaging overtopping of the outer protection structures in the Danish harbour at Thyborøn. A detailed study revealed the cause for these changes which were not observed earlier where the prevailing conditions were acceptable under almost all weather situations. Want to read more? Click here.
Wind Farm near Anholt, Denmark Offshore wind farm, Denmark
A metocean study of operational and extreme conditions for the establishment of an approximately 400 MW offshore wind farm near Anholt in the Kattegat, Denmark, constituted a part of an environmental impact assessment. The project site is moderately sheltered with respect to waves and water levels due to fairly small surges and tide and the absence of swells. Want to read more? Click here.

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